The Gitajaia Yoga Foundation

Ever since I began teaching teachers, a Community Service requirement for everyone has been mandatory, without which trainee techers  will not be able to graduate at the maximum point requirement,  resulting in a lesser qualification.


Amazingly, this policy, added to the scholarships, free classes, counselling and working "on the street", (everything that we do "unpaid" and loving it), has resulted in almost $1milllion dollars of philanthropic effort.


It was time we made it formal.  Although it has been costly in dollars, time and effort, we have initiated our FOUNDATION.


We invite you to join us in this special effort to help people in our various communities who are in recovery from serious drug addiction and life trauma to be able to do yoga, meditation and philosophy. which has been proved effective throughout the world, and in practice with Jahne and her team.  


We have now lifted our game to approching political parties and people of influence to show them THE YOGA WAY. To encourage SIMPLICITY in living.


If you would like to assist us in this effort, please donate today.  The cost of a cup of coffee or a nice meal.  This will make all the difference, and we thank you.


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