The Gitajaia Yoga Foundation


Please keep in mind that we are a very new FOUNDATION.  Yes, we have been casually in existance since about 1976.. but we have a lot to learn.


We invite you to become A MEMBER.


Yes, you will get immediate members benefits, but apart from that you will help to change lives.  Not just one life, but many.  When you help someone to become a yoga teacher, you are lifting up a community.




* Each contributing member will receive a small angel painted by myself, Jahne Hope-Williams.  I have painted 1,000 such angels since 9/11 as part of my "1,000 ANGELS"  Project.  Maybe you have one.  


If you don't you can have one now....  you can purchase one by going on the site we use for  our books and small items....












Our Yoga classes are listed at the Web site below (our yoga home)


[email protected]