The Gitajaia Yoga Foundation




When you are open to it, when you experience the gift of giving, then this foundation will help you.


The preciousness, the holiness (and you see that it is within everyone) of being able to help others has been the driver since Jahne founded the Institute.   When you help us by helping others, you will see that this gift is one of love, and it is meant to be shared, starting with you....


All gifts start with being fully present.  So take your earphones off, turn off the tv, and anything else distracting and let it flow through you, start thinking about how you can be of help, and start with us..  Be grateful for the opportunity you have to change lives.


Our aim in teaching yoga, and one of the aims in starting the Foundation is to help those people who are lost, alone and  working hard to recover from deep addiction.  Jahne has been working in this area for ten years, and relies on donation and grants for her precious students to allow her to keep working in this much needed field.  When funds permit we can even fund scholarships in this new area of yoga endeavour.  


Jahne has been teaching yoga since I was 16, and founded the school in 1976, a time when yoga was little known and we got death threats.  It  has always been her aim to teach as many yogateachers that she could no matter where they lived....,even in remote places in Australia and around the world - and we do.  Our allumni spans the globe.  


We invite you to join in......